Dear All Customers,

M&J Roofing Supplies Ltd are taking the risk of COVID – 19 to staff but also customers very seriously. We have taken the view as a company to close your branches until MONDAY 30th March. This gives us time to assess the ever evolving situation, to deep clean branches for safety of staff. When we re open we will have a set of very strict rules aimed at protection of staff and you the customer. Please see details below for more information: –

  1. Collections are possible but each customer will have to ring ahead, payment by card over the phone is the only acceptable means of payment for all branches. Customers will NOT be allowed into the counter areas or yard areas. DO NOT attempt to remove barriers or open gates.
  2. We will operate one person, one vehicle into the car park at a time at the farnborough yard. Please not dont come with a full van of people. Ideally only the driver of the van is to collect. Tongham branch as the car park is much bigger please stay 2 bays apart from each other. Do not use this time to talk to other cutomers, STAY IN YOUR VAN. We cannot have gatherings of customers in the tongham car park. This will lead to us being shut down. Again ideally only the driver of the van to be present.
  3. Payment needs to be made in advance before collection of goods. You cannot sit in the carpark and order. This will limit the waiting time for all customers. This applies to farnborough branch.
  4. Once you are in the car park your goods will be forklifted down to your van and left by your van, while the customer remains in the van. The customer will then load the goods themselves into the van and asked to leave asap. If you order a pallet of goods and have space we can obviously load them straight onto your van. Please ensure you drop your sides or open your doors and return back to your drivers seat. Receipts will be left with the goods. If these rules are not followed it will end up with us shutting branches. Please respect this and help us to stay open. Waiting times will be increased by this. Please be patient. We are here to help but we all need to respect our own safety and our families safety. Please also bear in mind our phone lines will be busy. Our best advice is to ring ahead way before you need goods. IF there is no answer give us a few minutes before ringing us back. We will deal with your enquiry quick as we can.

Deliveries will be availible. However we will see a huge demand for deliveries. We will operate a first come first serve basis. We will only consider deliveries for bulky items such as pallets of tiles or felt. We will not be doing small deliveries such as a few bundles of batten or a few rolls of felt due to demand. Please consider this when you call. Please do not take offence by this. When we do deliver please stay a minimum of 2metres away from the driver. We will not ask you to sign for the delivery. However we will take pictures of goods to stop anybody claiming goods where not delivered.

If we all work together, use the rules provided we can keep the counties, and the country working. If you are self employed we understand the stressful time you must be under. We are here to help you keep going and keep working. Please bear this in mind when dealing with us. Currently we still have good stocks of goods. We are doing our best to keep stocks coming in. If a branch as a delivery waiting to be unloaded, this will be done before any loading of customers. Please do not attempt to talk to the forklift driver or complain its taking too long to be loaded. We have one forklift per branch. We are all in the same boat. Plan ahead, wait your turn to be loaded and we can continue with vital repairs that are needed.

Many thanks

Mike and Ed @ M&J Roofing Supplies Ltd